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We at Supa Memorial would like you to consider creating a private memorial to provide a personalized and intimate space that allows you to honor your loved one in a deeply meaningful and private way, providing a serene sanctuary for reflection and remembrance. 

These different options for interment provide families with a range of choices to honor and remember their loved ones based on personal preferences, cultural traditions, and individual needs. In addition, feel free to contact us regarding any custom projects you and your family request for more specific constructions you wish.



A crypt is an underground chamber or vault, typically located beneath a church or mausoleum, designed to hold the remains of deceased individuals. Crypts are usually constructed with stone or concrete and often contain separate compartments or niches for each person. They provide a secure and protected environment for interment, offering families a private space to honor their loved ones.


Community or Private Mausoleum

A mausoleum is a large and often elaborate above-ground structure designed to hold the remains of deceased individuals. It can be a standalone building or part of a larger memorial complex. Mausoleums can house multiple crypts or compartments, providing families with dedicated spaces for interment. Community mausoleums can be part of a larger graveyard, while private mausoleums are held on private estates. Featuring architectural elements such as columns, sculptures, and intricate detailing, mausoleums create a dignified and memorable resting place.


A columbarium is a structure specifically designed for the storage of cremation urns. It consists of niches or compartments, typically arranged in rows or tiers, where urns containing cremated remains are placed. Columbaria can be freestanding buildings, part of a mausoleum, or incorporated into other memorial structures. They provide families with a respectful and centralized location to house the urns while allowing for individualization through engravings, plaques, or personalized markers.



A burial plot refers to a designated area of land within a cemetery where individual burials take place. It is a traditional form of interment in which caskets containing the deceased are placed in the ground. Burial plots are typically marked with headstones or grave markers that provide information about the person buried there. They offer families a final resting place for their loved ones in a consecrated ground, allowing for future visits and the placement of floral tributes.

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